Tuesday, April 03, 2007

The morning after the night before.

Environmental Management Authority CEO Dr. Dave Mc Intosh announced yesterday that they had given Alutrint the go ahead for an aluminum smelter to be built in La Brea.
This inspite of two years of extensive comment, research and investigation which conclusively shows not only that aluminum smelting is not a financially viable option for Trinidad and Tobago but that we are ill prepared for the environmental implications of such a hazardous industry.
The Rights Action Group, the St. Augustine Anti Smelter Front and other civil society organisations in Trinidad and Tobago are appealing to Trinbagonians, Caribbean people, human beings the world over who are concerned about global warming and the continued wanton destruction of our environment to pledge their support to common sense over dollar sense. To a vision for development that is not inimical to our natural and human ecologies. To a Trinidad and Tobago that is led by progressive and visionary leaders who would never dream of shoving some helter smelter development plan down our throats.
We do not accept it. We are prepared to defend our right to a cleaner, greener future.
In spite of the cowardice displayed by the EMA yesterday it is still our determination that not a brick will be laid for an aluminum smelter plant in Trinidad or Tobago and we intend to use whatever legal means are at our disposal to ensure that we are successful.
The fight is only just beginning.


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