Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Smelter issue concern of all

Letter to the Editor
Trinidad Guardian
February 20, 2007

THE aluminium smelter issue is a national one and concerns every citizen, just like politics concerns all of us, and not only the residents that live in the area or the surrounding areas of the proposed sites.

I am a resident of John John and whenever there is an election, the PNM will send several big maxi-taxis to take the residents to various parts of the country to support its meeting. I do not see anything wrong with that.

However, I view the smelter issue as a more personal thing and every citizen is now aware of the dangers that will eventually arise out of the building of smelters, so there should be no outcry when citizens leave all parts of Trinidad and drive to Chatham and Otaheite to support the resident protesters.

This is an issue that involves not only us but our unborn children and grandchildren.

It does not seem as if PM Manning really loves his country or else he would have taken into consideration the cries of the people. Take note, Mr PM, the Bible warns, “Do not remove the landmark which thy fathers have set.”

Marlene George
John John


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