Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Is PM tied to Alcoa contract?

Is Manning for real or is he living on cloud nine? Does he think that the people of T&T are a bunch of fools?

His frequent changes where the smelters are concerned, jumping from one place to another, surely points to a man who cannot make up his mind, but is possibly tied to a foreign contract, with Alcoa, of which we know nothing.

Or is it possible that the Bombardier plane which was recently demonstrated to him is part of a massive deal to hoodwink and confuse the nation?

It bothers me tremendously to have a mere geologist leading us all into destruction and bankruptcy.

His idle boast of industrialisation rings hollow in the face of changing positions, the latest of which is the drug question behind the anti-smelter protests.

Dr CF Ramcharan

St Augustine


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