Friday, February 09, 2007

It's a Lie, says professor

by Louis B Homer
Trinidad Express
February 9, 2007

Prof Peter Vine, who has been involved in organising anti-aluminum smelter campaigns in Chatham yesterday described as "nonsense" charges that the campaigns were being encouraged by people involved in the drug trade.

He said, "It is a lie and the organisation needs to look carefully at what the Prime Minister said and if it is slanderous we should take him to court."

He said the expenses to carry out the campaign come from the pockets of the supporters.

"It costs $120 to rent a public microphone and to defray these expenses we ask each member to contribute $10," he said.

Vine said the tent and other fixtures were generally donated by people "who are in sympathy with our movement."

President of the Chatham/ Cap de Ville Environmental Protection Group, Fitzroy Beache, was not available for comment but Fitzroy Jeffries,public relations officer of the La Brea Arts Council, said he had received reports from some members of the community that they were being threatened by people who were opposed to the construction of aluminium plants in Trinidad.

Another proposed aluminum smelter is to be built by Alutrint in La Brea.

"Some have been threatened with physical violence, and in one case threats were made to burn a supporter's home in La Brea," Jeffries said.


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