Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Reflections on Christmas Eve

Christopher Castagne
December 24, 2006

By the time you read this you would have heard of the announcement by the `Honourable' Prime Minister Patrick Manning during his Christmas Eve address to the nation that the government is not going ahead with the Chatham/Cap-de-Ville smelter!

It must be noted at this juncture that this is simply a further manifestation (and a predicted one at that!) of the truth of which we have been reminded on more than one occasion before - i.e., simply stated, that THE PEOPLE HAVE THE POWER!!!

Contrary to whatever the media, the Government, and myriad other public sources of information will say, there is absolutely no other reason for this latest about turn by the Government outside of the relentless, sustained public pressure, of many forms including and especially the use objective fact-based, informed perspectives on the issue, but also the so-called "emotional" and "misinformed" displays, which were really grounded in truth from the beginning and which led to the former.

Throughout the life of this issue the proponents of the projects, especially the Government, have tried to use the tactic of intimidation by making the public feel like the fight was hopeless ("yuh doh like smelter, we bringin three!"), that the Government will go ahead regardless, that it was "a done deal"!

And throughout that time, they have succeeded to a great extent in that pursuit of weakening the resolve of persons concerned about the issue- but only among those who were the weakest links from the beginning! Among those really serious about it, those with pure unselfish passion for nature, nation and fellow man and woman, whose actions, untainted by ulterior motives, remained fuelled only by "Boundless faith in our destiny"- among these Power People- it only served to strengthen the resolve that much more!

And while this latest development may be given a lot of attention, it is important to recognize that these two fundamental truths- [(i) that the people have the power and (ii) that truth with Patient Perseverance brings success,] have been proven by small victories which have occurred during the life of this struggle, but which sadly were missed by the majority, and that this is only the latest of a long line of such victories. But as they say- "Those who have eyes to see shall see!"

As such, let us then understand that these victories will continue- but only as long as we continue the struggle. Let us also heighten our senses so that we are able to recognize even the smallest of these victories when they do occur.

The timing of this occurrence is fitting, for while the birth and message of Christ were great blessings to mankind, we have witnessed the perversion of both by the powers that were (and those that continue to be), sometimes unconsciously and often with the best of intentions, but ultimately for their own gain. Yet they will never be able to reverse nor erase the essence and power of these blessings. So too, let us remain vigilant in being grounded in truth, honesty and confident humility, lest we too get carried away in the perversions and misuse of this positive energy which will inevitable occur, or at least be attempted.

Merry Christmas Everybody, And May God Bless Our Nation.

Christopher E. M. Castagne



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