Monday, December 11, 2006

Mr. Manning's Industrial Explosion

Dear Editor,
Today more than one billion people live on less than one dollar a day yet the world boasts about such high degree of industrialization and economic development.
Well here in our twin island, our beloved Mr. Manning is singing a mantra about this country is on the road to having the highest energy consumption per capita while the other 1st world nations are trying to reduce energy consumption. Now tell me, what type of sustainable development is this and is destroying the environment and depleting a nation’s natural resources part of your so-called vision 2020? -such strategically thinking individuals!
On the 6th of this month, I attended the symposium held to educate the public about the aluminium industry in Trinidad and Tobago. Shouts of pains echoed throughout the auditorium where the majority of people objected to the construction of the smelter plants, but what appalled me was on the same day the daily newspaper read-‘ Symposium will not stop smelter-Manning,’ I am now questioning whether this country really is a democratic one. Is the word ‘democracy’ erased form this government’s vocabulary or do their conveniently utilize it? Well as one of my colleague boldly stated if the voice of the people is ignored the only power we as a society possess now is our civil right- the right to vote.
Endless acres of nutrition packed soil lie naked due our government’s educated plan for industrialization. Mr. Prakash Saint, President Of The National Energy Corporation whose brother is coincidently Mr. Lenny Saint, Minister in The Ministry Of Energy and Energy Industries stated the main purpose of the two smelter plants is for economic diversification. When last did you buy food, because if you visit the supermarket with the salary of a middle/low income person you will realize that only a mere number of goods can be purchased as basic rice and flour is overpriced. So then why can’t the government diversify into more agro-based businesses?
It is a pity where this country has reached, where the gap between the rich and poor is widening and nothing is being done to help the ‘small man’ in society yet it is due to his taxes that government officials are able to live life in luxury and flaunt the country’s money to their fancy. Well there is an old proverb that fits well in this scenario-‘What goes up MUST come down.’
ALCOA is a multinational, which means most of the revenue that is earned, is pumped to the mother country NOT Trinidad. Once the natural gas is depleted ALCOA will have no interest with Trinidad and what we will be left with is- a scarred economy, damaged eco-system and memories of a place that was once an independent virgin, now an abused and barren Chatham.
The spatial dualism that exists in the country is far too evident to place a blind eye to. More than 50% of this country’s wealth comes from South but ironically development is at its minimal. We are now experiencing an oil boom but instead of improving the standard of living and developing measures for poverty eradication, we are plagued by increasing food prices, inadequate medical services, deteriorating education system, accelerating unemployment rate and the inflation rate that is heading to the history books.
Mr Manning, you have once again showed the population your mastery of shooting without aiming. It is evident that your administration only seeks to satisfy their needs while the society suffers from your narrow minded and irrational decisions but rest assured for every action there is a equal and opposite reaction. In closing, Mr. Prime Minister, myself and every other citizen who will be affected in some form or fashion have power- the power to vote! Let him who has an ear, hear, and let the will of the people prevail!
Fyzabad Anglican Sec. School


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