Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Letter to the Editor Govt must pause on smelters

The Editor
Trinidad and Tobago Newsday
November 15, 2006

THE EDITOR: As a dedicated supporter of the PNM, I have thought long about expressing this opinion publicly. I have read the news and tried to be as impartial as possible and I now feel it important to call upon the honourable Prime Minister to seriously consider the path he is walking.

There has been so much condemnation of the smelters and more than just talk, people are bringing vital information on these projects to show how negatively it can impact on everyone in our country.

I myself visited the sites in the south and at the UWI campus where my son is attending and I must ask why has the Government taken such a highhanded approach? If people have concerns, whatever party they belong to they have a right to express those concerns and be heard. Mr Prime Minister, it is extremely wrong to attempt to label those concerns foolish! I heard Winston Dookeran on the Parliament Channel on Friday and he made some very substantial points about the lack of transparency in these projects and also about the level of manipulation that could be taking place with the environment agencies. These things cannot be brushed aside.

I am therefore calling on the Government to do as Dookeran has said and as a show of good faith, stop all activities on the smelters and only continue once their is popular support.

It would then be up to the Government to prove its case that what they are doing is in the interest of everyone.



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