Thursday, November 23, 2006

CPU invited to 'Shut Up"

Hello Everybody,

I got an interesting e-mail from the South Chamber of Commerce
The Secretary of the South Chamber wrote and asked for contact
information for the President of CPU to send him an invitation to the so-called
"Smelter Symposium" at Paria Suites.
My immediate reply, of course, was "are you asking the President of CPU
to make a presentation and speak at the symposium?"
The answer came back plain and simple "No"
I guess Larry Achong is not the only one that wants Anti Smelter
activists to simply 'Shut up'.
Please, members of all anti smelter groups, please make it clear to
these people that only invitations to speak and present will be considered by
us. We don't need another Alcoa P.R. lecture under the guise of 'consultation'

Cedros Press Office


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