Friday, June 02, 2006

Smelters to get red card on World Envrionment Day

Local environmental lobbyists Rights Action Group (RAG) will host a
special 'Helltuh Smelta' event on Monday June 5, World Envrionment
Not to be left out of the football fever sweeping the nation, the
smelter warriors are asking all concerned citizens on World
Environment Day to come out and defend the goal of the citizens who
have spoken out against the building of the smelters in Trinidad.
The red card event which will take place in the Back Studio at the
CCA7 facility on Fernandes compound in Laventille, will feature
presentations from RAG, high school students, updates from the
affected communities of the south-western peninsula as well as
performances and visual presentations.
RAG will also speak to the issue of alternative forms of development
that are clean and sustainable and do not involve a haemorrhaging of
our natural resources.
RAG is also calling on all citizens of the Republic of Trinidad and
Tobago to plant trees on World Environment Day as a direct action
response to the very alarming trend of clearing of prime and potential
agricultural land for the construction of concrete jungles, in a time
when the nation's food importation bill is in the billions.
RAG was established by a group of concerned citizens around the
country in solidarity with the communities of the south-western
peninsula protesting against the imposition of aluminium smelters.
Admission to this event is free. Kick off time is 6.45pm. For further
information, please call 718-0480.


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