Thursday, May 25, 2006

Public Consultation this Saturday

In the wake of public comments that were issued to the local Environmental Management Authority on the Alutrint EIA (Environmental Impact Assessment), the Union Village Council has received word last weekend that there will be another public consultation on the proposed Union Industrial Estate.
Ads confirming the public consultation were also spotted in discreet corners of the Express, Guardian and Newsday earlier this week.
RAG sees this as a positive victory for the communities of the south western peninsula. If only that the processes that are enshrined in our constitution and laws are respected and adhered to. This can only augur well for future negotiations and we call on all interested parties to take advantage of the opportunity to be a part of this process.
The communities of Union, Square Deal, Sobo Village and other villages whose livelihoods are being threatened by the proposed industrial estate, need your solidarity with them this Saturday evening 5pm at the La Brea Community Centre.
Please come out in your numbers! If you plan on going down from North or East Trinidad and you have room in your car, please let us know so that we can coordinate and car pool.


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