Wednesday, April 12, 2006

NJAC calls for government clarification on smelter

April 12, 2006

The National Joint Action Committee is calling on the government to take positive steps toward a clarification of all matters concerning the proposed establishment of an aluminium smelter in Chatham, south Trinidad.
This follows yesterday's (Tuesday's) visit from a delegation from the Chatham/Cap de Ville environmental protection group.
The group outlined several issues of concern to them since plans for
The smelter plant became known they explained that they are going to suffer the loss of their homes, some of which have been in existence
For forty years. In addition, they fear that there will be adverse
consequences to the health of what will be left of their community as well as to the health of persons living in areas adjacent to the plant.
The group met with Makandal Daaga, NJAC’s political leader, and three other executive members; Deputy Political Leader, Nyahuma Obika;
Aiyegoro Ome, president and Anum Bankole, Vice-President.


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