Tuesday, April 04, 2006

For Samantha

After the march two Sundays ago, we retired to the now familiar undercroft at Handsome's house. As usual the Chatham generosity was in full effect. Curry duck and provision for the meat eaters and an impromptu tomato choka for me.
After the food and the lime and the jokes and the satisfied sighs we sat around enjoying the blaze of flamboyant blossoms set fire by the sunset.
And just as I was about to fall asleep on myself, Samantha took me on a tour of her back yard.
The seven year old Chatham resident has been to every meeting, every consultation. Taking in information that no seven year old should have to. Between playing and dancing she busies herself with handing out flyers.
On that Sunday evening she takes me to meet her mango trees. And the black caterpillars with the fluorescent green stripes on the frangipani tree. And the avocado tree.
And she sweeps her little arm across the expanse of land behind the only home she's known. And then she looks up at me and says "You know if the smelter comes, all of this will be gone".
And it occurs to me that this Rights Action Group mission is not about alcoa or the government or causes.
It's about the Samanthas of this world who light it up and make life a joyous undertaking. I'm not about to fail her.


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