Thursday, March 30, 2006

There is Something Wrong

From: Alice Murray
March 30, 2006

* When the interest of 1 company is allowed
to preside over an entire community’s interest;
* When 8 places of wor ship: Baptist,
Pentecostal, Anglican, Seventh – Day; Adventist,
Muslim, Catholic must be destroyed to make way
for a proposed industrial site to be set up in the interest of 1
* And when several community centres:
schools, a youth camp, a health centre, a
heritage site must be cleared for a project which the people do not
* For a project which is 100% owned by a foreign company.
There is Something Wrong
* When a company which has not received a
clearance certificate to build its plant has the
arrogance and insensitivity to place an
advertisement in the newspaper indicating that it
is recruiting; Have the directors and management of Alcoa no

There is something wrong
* When a Government and state-owned agency
come into a community in the middle of the night
and destroy thousands of acres of forest;
* When our precious wild animals, God’s
creatures too, are not even given the time to
escape and look for alternative habitat;
* When we continue to destroy our heritage:
our forests, our wildlife, our wetlands– also gifts from God;
* When the Go vernment is the main offender.
Has this Government no sense of decency?


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