Tuesday, June 05, 2007

A call to arms on World Environment Day

Another World Environment Day has come and it feels as if Trinidad and
Tobago is no closer to coming to terms with the many challenges of
moving forward economically in ways that are sustainable and
non-threatening to human life.
It's not just a fight for the environmentalists. The energy experts,
the economists, the local contractors, all need to take interest in
the quest for sustainable forms of development.
At this moment in world history, Trinidad and Tobago continues to
exclude itself from the growing global conversation on climate change
and what we can be doing as a nation to mitigate its effects on
ourselves and generations to come.
We are already reaping the harvest of our carelessness, one wonders
how much hotter it needs to get before the EMA, the government and the
Opposition begin to get serious about how Trinidad and Tobago plans to
come to terms with global warming and the reality of climate change.
Whether on the issue of smelting or waste water or food security or
the land sinking into the sea in Cedros, Trinidad and Tobago's
environment is in a state of crisis.
The Rights Action Group urges those in positions of power to begin to
take decisive action and stop protecting the interests of that small
group of profit makers.
RAG urges all concerned citizens,environmentalists, social activists,
farmers and community organisations to not give up hope. We also pay
respect to all the communities and individuals across Trinidad and
Tobago who have been doing their part to raise consciousness in our
communities and in our board rooms. All those who have been struggling
against immense odds to bring attention to the problems in their
communities, to increase their access to information, to demand
answers from their leaders and to insist that communities are actively
involved in the consultation process.
We look forward to more participation and more commitment to a nation
that is moving forward into a clean, sustainable and more equitably
In solidarity,


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